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As a small campsite in Norfolk, we know we’re a little biased, but there are a few good reasons why we’ve decided to keep our meadow campsite on the smaller side.


Quite simply, being a small campsite in Norfolk means we have several advantages over larger commercial campsites.


Here are some of the benefits of staying at Driftways:


  • Privacy: As a small campsite in Norfolk, we have far fewer campers, which means that you may have more privacy and quiet during your stay. You won't have to worry about feeling crowded or having noisy neighbours.

  • Huge pitches: There’s absolutely no commercial pressure to fit as many people as possible. We’d much rather that our guests feel comfortable and have enough space to feel completely relaxed.

  • Personalised service: Since we have fewer guests and are a family-run camping meadow, we provide a personalised service and have the time to tend to your needs. We’re always happy to recommend local attractions or activities or help you with any issues or concerns that arise during your stay. We’re also more than happy for you and your little ones to come and say hello to our small collection of farm animals.

  • More natural setting: Being a particularly small campsite in Norfolk, we offer a secluded and more natural setting, which can provide a more authentic camping experience. Here at Driftways, you’re surrounded by beautiful meadows, fields and farmland. You couldn’t get more peaceful.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: Being a small family-run glamping and camping site, we can do our bit for the environment. For example, we have composting toilets, we recycle wherever we can and being off-grid, our showers are solar-powered.

  • Reasonable cost: Our prices reflect where we are. As we do not have a clubhouse, shop or arcades to run, camping with us is also more affordable for many families.


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Why camp in a small meadow?


If you’re looking for a small campsite in Norfolk that gives you a great outdoor experience, meadow camping at Driftways could be perfect for you, and here’s why:


  • Natural beauty: Our meadow is awash with lush green grass, colourful wildflowers, and an abundance of wildlife. You’ll feel completely at one with nature.

  • Quiet and solitude: You may hear children playing and people laughing in the distance, but our meadow is a peaceful place to camp.

  • Lots to explore: Our meadow is great for outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, stargazing, and photography. There are lots of local hiking trails – perfect if you want to burn off some energy!

  • Perfect location: Tucked away along a country road in Pulham Market near Diss, we’re secluded enough for peace and quiet but near enough to all the main Norfolk attractions.

  • Friendly hosts: as a husband and wife team with two young children, we love to help and are always on hand to make sure you enjoy your stay.


We like to think that we’re one of Norfolk’s best-kept secrets.


Hear from others who prefer small campsite in Norfolk life


There’s more than one reason why most people who come and stay with us again. They love the super clean, unspoilt, tranquil and relaxed way of camping. Please feel free to browse of the reviews our guests have left on Google. We could not be prouder of the memories we’ve helped to create.


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