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If you’ve ever wondered what’s the difference between glamping and camping, you’re not alone. Glamping vs Camping is quite a heavily Googled search query. There is, however, a little hint in the names. Both glamping and camping are a wonderful way to get closer to nature and enjoy the great outdoors, but glamping brings a bit of ‘glam’ to the traditional camping experience.


Here we’ve put together a list of five main differences between glamping and camping. So, when you’re next among friends and they ask you why you’ve decided to glamp instead of camp this year (or vice versa), you can explain why. 


1. Accommodation

Where you stay is the biggest glamping vs camping difference. When you go camping, you’ll usually pitch your own tent to sleep in, bring your own bed, camping furniture and so forth. Glamping, on the other hand, is a different experience altogether. You simply arrive at your accommodation (usually a bell tent or equivalent) to find it ready and waiting for you to stay in. There’s no grappling with tent pegs or contending with the wind. Your bed is ready for sleeping, the log burner’s waiting for you to fire it up, the towels are folded on the bed, and there’s usually a relaxing cushioned area for you to simply hang out. You more or less drop your bags and relax.


2. Sleeping

Now this next glamping vs camping difference totally depends on how organised you are and prefer to sleep. Typically, camping usually involves resting for the night on anything from a sleeping bag and inflatable mattress to a camp bed, allowing you to snuggle down under the stars. Meanwhile, glampers sleep in a bed that’s much more like their one at home, with a real mattress, soft pillows and fresh bed linen.


3. Comfort

When thinking about glamping vs camping, comfort is a big thing. Sure, camping can be cozy if you’ve bought the right gear. Glamping, though, takes camping comfort to a new level. Think duck down or hollow fibre pillows and duvets, soft throws, crisp bed linen, the warmth of a wood burning fire and plenty of plush seating and you won’t go far wrong!


4. Cooking

Cooking food is usually a very difference experience too. Glamping means that as well as having access to a fire pit and camp grill, you also have your very own glam camping kitchen, complete with gas hob, a kettle, pots, pans and utensils. Plus, and this really is one of the stark glamping vs camping points, you have a wood burning stove within your glamping bell tent to toast those s’mores on!


5. Heating

How you stay warm is another difference – some people love layering-up to keep warm. After all, it’s all part of the magic of camping. When you glamp, you don’t have quite the same challenges with being snug as you heat your bell tent with a log burner.


A touch of luxury

We love camping and glamping, both for very different reasons. Glamping, though, if you haven’t tried it, offers the perfect combination of comfort and countryside. Unlike traditional camping, glamping makes you feel as if you’re at a home away from home. Luxury glamping is all about experiencing downtime surrounded by nature, just with a few more home comforts than camping!


To book your first (or second!) glamping trip at Driftways, simply head over to our Booking Page.


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