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Cancellation by you

Cancellation by you


If you have to cancel because of you or one of your booking members has a positive covid test/symptoms, you have to self-isolate, or you are put into a lockdown that means you will be breaking the law to come on holiday (proof maybe required). Then we will give you the option to postpone your holiday to a later date if we can, if you can leave your deposit or balance with us and postpone your holiday this helps us as a small business enormously.


If you request a full refund you will be refunded the amount less the £40 admin fee*


* The admin fee includes the processing and joining of the Greener Camping Club membership of £12.

Cancellation by us

We reserve the right to cancel your holiday if we are put in to lockdown or if we or any of our staff are put in a position that makes keeping the site open unsafe. In this event you will be offered a postponement if you keep your payment with us or refund all monies less the £12 Greener Camping Club fee.

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