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If you’re looking into a glamping holiday or short break away, we’d love to introduce you to our bell tents in Norfolk.


If you’re unfamiliar with what they are and why bell tents in Norfolk are such a popular way to camp, let us tell you more about these fabulous, time-honoured designs.


All bell tents in Norfolk have a distinctive bell shape, with a circular footprint and a high, central pole. They’re often made of canvas or other durable materials to provide excellent insulation and protection from the elements. Plus, they also look pretty cool and add a bit of luxury boho to any camping, or should we say, glamping trip!


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What are the benefits of staying in a bell tent in Norfolk?


Bell tents have a variety of features that make them popular among today’s glampers, including:


  • A spacious interior: The bell shape of the tent provides a roomy interior that is suitable for families or groups of people. They usually have a diameter of around 3-6 metres – at Driftways, all our Norfolk bell tents are 6 metres in diameter.

  • Height: The high, central pole allows for plenty of headroom, making it easy to move around inside the tent without feeling cramped.

  • Ventilation: Bell tents have plenty of vents that provide good airflow, helping to keep the interior cool and comfortable. This also makes them ideal for housing an internal log burner (again, all our Norfolk bell tents have one of these as standard)

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Bell tents have an attractive, vintage aesthetic that many people love just as much as we do. That’s why they’re just perfect for meadow glamping.


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How much room is there between bell tents in Norfolk?


We can’t talk for every glamping site, but here at Driftways we believe in giving people plenty of space between themselves and their fellow glampers.


Your bell tent, of which we have several to choose from, will be nestled within your own 16-metre diameter section of the meadow that’s at least 8 metres away from a neighbouring Norfolk bell tent. This means that you’ll have plenty of privacy for a restful stay. You’ll feel as if the meadow belongs to you!


Each of our bell tents in Norfolk features:


  • A comfy king-size mattress and bedding (with pull-out single beds for the kids)

  • Cups, plates, tumblers and cutlery

  • An in-tent log-burner

  • A picnic bench (just outside)

  • Your own eco-compost toilet

  • A blanket box filled with throws and hot water bottles

  • An outdoor glam camping kitchen

  • A fire pit (again, right outside)

  • Cool box and freezer blocks

  • And so much more….


Plus, and we think this makes the biggest difference of all. We’re a super-friendly family-run off-grid glamping site. We do whatever we can to make our guests feel welcome and enjoy their stay – please feel free to read our reviews to find out more about what it’s like to glamp with us.


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